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Church of St. Ignatius

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The Church of St. Ignatius Dubrovnik is located in Ruder Boskovic Field which is recahed by climbing stairs designed by Pietro Passalacque, who modelled them on the Piazza di Spagna in Rome. The church itself was built in a luxurious Baroque style similar to that of the Roman Church of St.Ignatius and belongs to the orer of jesuit priests.It was completed in 1725 as a single nave church with a facade and designed by architect Ignacio Pozzo. A nobleman of the Gundulic family financed the build but didn't live to see its completion. The Baroque frescas in the church's interior depict scenes from the life of St. Ignatius and were the work of Gaetano Garcia. In 1885 an artificial cave was built in the church, deicated to Our Lady of Lourdes and is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. The cave was painted by the famous Italian jesuit and master Antonio Mosheni.


The balconies and boxes in the interior are also of note, with three on each side of the church. In the first box are valuable organs that are still in use. Through the painted stained-glass roof of the church the sun illuminates the interior of the church. Unfortunately, these stained-glass windows were destroyed in the last war as five bombs fell on the church. The attack also destroyed the altar. After the war, everything was repaired.


Near the church is the famous Jesuit Collegium (Collegium Ragusnium) which taught the world famous scholar Ruder Boskovic. Today it is the Classical Gymnasium High School.

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