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Saint Mary's Church On Danče

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The Church of St. Mary is located above the beach Dance and is known locally as Our Lady of Danče. It was built in 1457 and the interior hides some of the most important Dubrovnik art pieces in existence. It's home to Triptych by Nikola Bozidarevic and Lovro Dobričević's Polyptich.


The plague decimated the population of Dubrovnik several times and so in 1430 it was decided to build a quarantine at Dance they would house those infected by the plague. The quarantine is an invention of the Dubrovnik Republic and various takes on it would go on to save many European cities.  As the epidemic in the coming years did not subside, the government decided to build a church at Danče with a cemetery for the burial of the sick so they did not "die like cattle, but that as Christians buried in a sacred place and that of their souls is a memorial."


At that time also, there was a convent with nuns who took care of the sick. Today, Danče is still home to nuns, but fortunately no longer the plague. Today they ring the church's bells to welcome ships passing by Danče, wishing them calm seas and happiness. The custom dates back to the mid-17th Century and if you come to the Dance in the summer months, you will hear it. 

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