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Fort of St. John

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The St. John fort in Dubrovnik had a role in protecting the city's port. During the days of the Dubrovnik Republic, the inside of the fortress contained a gun powder store. The fort defended the harbour from the south, while the north side was protected by the Fort of St. Luke. They were linked by a chain to prevent the unwanted entry of ships into the city harbour. The chain was so strong that it tore the keels on boats and it remained in use in the port until 1484 when an artificial islet called Kase was built.


The many cannons on top of the St. John fort were taken by the Austrians to Vienna during their rule of Dubrovnik. Today the few cannons in Dubrovnik can be found on the city's walls, the majority of them at the Fort of St.John. However, these guns are not from the Dubrovnik Republic and have instead come from the Austrian ship Triton that exploded by Lokrum in 1859. The guns were actually removed from the shipwreck around 100 years after the explosion.


One of the three entrances to the city’s walls is located near to the Fort of St.John. 


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