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Olive oil

Wherever it is in Croatia that you try homemade olive oil, it will be excellent. The same goes for in Dubrovnik and its surrounding areas. 


If you're staying in Dubrovnik and try local food but not olive oil, it's the same as you not having tried Dubrovnik gastronomy. It's not only usied in coooking but cosmetics. You can buy natural cosmetics with olive oil such as soaps and body lotions. 


Many olive oils from teh Dubrovnik region have received the top medals at international competitions. This region is connected with olive oil production since teh Greek and Roman times. During the Republic, olive oil was the only oil that locals knew of.


According to a story from the island of Šipan, as tradition, any girl wishing to marry must plant olive trees. There were many more olive trees in the Dubrovnik area before than there are today. Forest fires and teh expansion of the city has reduced the number of olive groves. Previoulsy olive trees were planted on Srd's slopes and Hotel Excelsior was built in the middle of a large olive grove. Of course, all but one were chopped down. 


For those that don't know, olive oil is produced from green olives, while the riper olives that become darker are used for pickling. Below are a few traditional Dubrovnik recipes for preparing olives that will extend their shelf life and allow you to enjoy their heavenly Mediterranean flavour during the long, wet winter.



Olives in Souse


Place the olives in water for 3-4 days. On the fourth day, drain the water and place in souse (liquid used for pickling) for 24 hours. Souse is made by adding 100g of salt to 1 litre of water. After 24 hours drain the olives and place in fresh souse to soak for 10 days. After 10 days drain the souse, Put the olives in jars. Make fresh souse (some people choose to use the old souse instead), add fennel, some cloves and cook until it boils. Then add to the jars with the olives.


Konavle Black Olives


In a large jar put black olives, a big handful of salt and 100ml of olive oil and shake well. For the next 5 days shake the jar once a day. After that let it rest in in that liquid for two months before consuming. This kind of olive is delicious and will last a long time.


Marinated Bashed Green Olives


Remove the olives from their water and arrange in a glass jar in which you place lemon peel cut into thin strips, 4-5 garlic cloves (per ½ kg of olives), 3-4 bay leaves, 2-3 basil leaves. Cover with pure olive oil mixed with a 50ml of vinegar. Shake well and close. Let stand in the shade and dark two to three days before serving.


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