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Wines of the Dubrovnik region

The Dubrovnik region is teeming with top quality grape varieties and we will share with you the most authentic and significant ones that wine experts have recognised on world oenological maps.


The two most famous wine locations are the Peljesac peninsula and island of Korcula. Peljesac Peninsula has become world famous for its autochthonous grape variety called Plavac (small seed distinct colours), especially in the regions of Dingac and Postup. The vineyards in these areas that spread down to the sea are the steepest in the world and since they are on the south side, the vine is exposed to the sun all day (the sea boosts the sunlight). This exposure to the sun boosts the sweetness of wine.


Wine experts will say that Dingač wine from Pelješac is the best red wine in Croatia. Dingač's colour is ruby-red and has a pronounced flavour bouquet of berries and Mediterranean flowers, herbs, berries, spices and tobacco taste.


Not only are Dingač and Postup top quality wines, but also the cheaper versions of plavac mali will delight you with their sweetness and pleasant, unique flavour.


In 2002 it was discovered that the Plavac mali grape was the predecessor of the very well known and appreciated Californian Zinfandel, whose origin was unknown until the beginning of the 21st Century when it was discovered that its roots lay in the Dubrovnik area. It is believed that a Plavac Mali came to California during the 19th Century when the Dubrovnik area was ruled by Austria. Experts also confirmed that the Californian and Peljesac wines are actually the same variety which can also be confirmed by all those who try them. 


Peljesac wine was very important for the Dubrovnik Republic in trade. Therefore, holidays were declared during the grape harvest so that people could dedicate themselves to it. In the documents of the Republic it is mentioned that as many as 27 wine cellars were financially supported by the authorities.


How many would it have been had Korcula been under the Republic of Dubrovnik? On this island, the Pošip variety does well, producing one of the most appreciated white wines in Croatia. The area around Čara is an especially important wine growing area, as is Smokvica. This variety has a high sugar percentage.


The Pošip wine is shiny – straw yellow colour - hard and dense in the glass which leaves a trail of high alcohol content (13 to 14.5 %). It has a full and distinctive flavour with a characteristic aroma of dried apricots and figs. Pošip is indigenous Croatian wine of protected geographic origin which was exploited by the ancient Greeks in the 4th Century BC when the island was a colony.


In addition to Posip, in the area of ​​Cara and Smokvica grows another interesting white variety - Rukatac.


It’s worth also mentioning the white Malvasia that grows in Konavle. Malvasia was especially loved by Dubrovnik nobility.


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