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Dance Linđo

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Dance Linđo is the most popular dance of Dubrovnik and its surroundings. It is danced to the accompaniment of the old South Dalmatian instrument called lijerica.


The player, while sitting, holds lijerica on his left knee, the bow is pulled over three strings but only one of those is picked, and with his right foot he's pounding to the rhythm of the music and thereby gives rhythm to the dancers. The dance is particularly interesting because of polymetry between the triple-meter dance steps and two-meter musical accompaniment.


It is played in couples around the player and the dance commands are given in humorous, often ambiguous verses shouted loudly by the ringleader who dictates the changes of dance figures and dance couples in a sharp tone, encouraging dancers who compete in improvisation. For this dance repetition of some essential parts is characteristic.


Although the original name of the dance is „Dubrovačka poskočica“ (Dubrovnik Hop), today it is known as Linđo, and that name came after the nickname of a once famous lijerica player Nikola Lale Linđo from Župa Dubrovačka. His descendants still live in Župa. The Lale family, who live in Petrača village, is even today known among the people by the nickname Linđo.


During your stay in Dubrovnik, you could easily stumble upon this dance. If you really want to see the authentic folklore, you can do it in Čilipi village.



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