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Little Ston Bay

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Malostonski zaljev is a protected nature reserve and lies 60km west of Dubrovnik. The bay is 28km long and at its widest point is 6.1km in width. At its deepest, the bay is 29 metres deep. 


There are never waves here and due its proximity to the mouth of the Neretva River, the water is brackish (less salty than sea water). The bay has many freshwater underground rivers which help make it home to the best quality shellfish, including mussels and oysters, in Croatia.


The first people to harvest shellfish were the Romans. The first written records of harvesting shellfish originate from the 16th Century from the time of the Dubrovnik Republic .


Malostonski zaljev Mali Ston Bay is best known for its oysters which are world famous as some of the best. Hollywood actors are frequent guests at Ston’s restaurants. You can also eat oysters immediately after they have been harvested from the sea. On the road to the Bistrina, the border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will see the boats that provide fresh oysters and shellfish tasting.


When you're in the Malostonski zaljev, you must visit Ston, a town with the longest walls in Europe, second only in te world to the Great Wall of China. Ston is also hoem to the world's oldest saltworks which are still in use today.  


Around the bay are various  wine trails as Pelješac is most famous for its excellent quality wines


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