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Night clubs in Dubrovnik

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Night club Revelin in Dubrovnik is on the list of 100. the best nightclubs in the world


Dubrovnik is buzzing with life in summer months whether it be day or night. You can find parties everywhere – on a beach, on a street, on a square..


For those that are more selective, if you prefer, there are nightclubs to choose from that fill up with people when the cafe bars close.The majority of Dubrovnik's luxury hotels have their own nightclubs where live music is played.


There are more clubs in the Old Town and its immediate surroundings than anywhere else. Platanus and SkyBar are located near Pile Gate while the most well known venue, Culture Club Revelin is located in the Revelin fort within the Old Town.


You'll mostly here current electronic music in dubrovnik's clubs which play hots to the world's biggest DJs such as Fatboy Slim, Benny Benassi and Fedde Le Grand.


Soem of the best party spots are located on Dubrovnik's beautiful beaches such as East West on Banje beach. For up-to-date club and party info, visit our Dubrovnik News page.


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