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Lokrum - gay beach Dubrovnik

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Lot of different beaches including the most famous gay beach in Dubrovnik


The whole island of Lokrum is ideal for bathing. From the south side where the boats filled with visitors arrive, you'll find Portoč beach where mostly locals bathe. On the same side, just towards the west, Lokrum is dotted with hidden bays that you can reach from the island's pathway (as soon as you disembark, turn right). Walk for a while and you'll eventually find a hidden bay that will be just yours for the day.


On the opposite side of the island you'll find a beach named Ploče (slab). The beach gets its name because during winter, high waves powered by southerly winds bash the shore which erodes the rocks to leave straight slabs perfect for sunbathing on in summer. The slabs are a natural phenomenon and definitely worth seeing.


The most ideal spot on the island for children is Mrtvo more (Dead Sea) which is on te east side of Lokrum. Mrtvo more is home to another natural phenomenon as the sea enters this enclosed bay by a narrow strait which means it never has waves. The sea here is shallowand the beach is pebbly.


On the east side of Lokrum you'll find the most well-known nude and gay friendly beach in Dubrovnik. Many nudists do bathe on other parts of the island thanks to the privacy and protection offered by Lokrum's bays.


There is a fresh water supply on the island so you'll find showers on most of the beaches. A cafe bar and restaurant mean you don't have to worry about being left thirsty or hungry. 


The island offers unforgettable enjoyment in nature as it's a protected forest reserve. 

  • Type Rocky, concrete
  • Facilities Restaurant, shower
  • Specials Sports, botanical garden

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