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Nikola Božidarević

Nikola Božidarevic was the greatest painter of the Dubrovnik Republic. Only four of his paintings have survived: three are in the Dominican monastery and the fourth is a triptych in the church at Dance. His paintings are mostly influenced by Vitorre Carpaccio, brothers Crivelli, Pietro Perugino and Pinturicchio. He is especially known for painting details. On the triptych in the Dominican church, Božidarević painted Saint Blaise with a scale model of the city in his hands, at the beginning of the 16th Century. The image best shows how the town looked at the time. The harbour is full of boats and passers-by and horsemen around Revelin and Ploce Gate. The painting was created before the great earthquake and is an important witness to the appearance of the city of Dubrovnik prior to the biggest disaster in its history.

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