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Jumping on the stone Dubrovnik

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You must be wondering what the title of this section means? If you visit Dubrovnik, at the entrance to the Old Town to the west, you're bound to see someone trying to climb the mascaron near the entrance to the church of Little Brothers (Mala Braca). In architecture, a mascaron ornament is a face, usually human, whose function was originally to frighten away evil spirits so that they would not enter the building. Some people will be able to stay on the mascaron and remove and put on their t-shirt again, while others won't be able to come close.


Where does this ritual hail from? It is not known exactly when it started with climbing on the mascaron and removing shirts, but according to legend it all began with a young man who was unlucky in love. He vowed to himself that he would be successful in love only when he successfully climbed on the mascaron, managed to take off his shirt and then put it on again. He tried for a long time and when he finally succeeded, he shortly thereafter fell in love. Whether this is true or not, the ritual has been remained to this day.


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