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Danče beach Dubrovnik

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Danče is situated below Gradac Park. If you are a fan of jumping in the sea, then this is the place for you.


Today, mostly local people bathe here and for that reason every visitor who wants to experience something authentic must visitthis beach. Watch as people jump from rocks, play football barfeoot and even water polo.


Danče the place is that Jug Water Polo Club hails from, one of the most successful clubs in the world. During the beginnings of water polo in Yugoslavia, Jug played its home matches at Dance. During that time, the club won the Yugoslavian championship as many as 20, and it is interesting that while they were based at Dance, they never lost a title. Today the beach plays host to the Wild League (Divlja Liga) amateur water polo competition in which Dubrovnik beaches fight out to be crowned. The Danče team has won the competition several times.


During the Dubrovnik Republic, Dance was a place that housed those with the plague. Here they built the Church of St. Mary (popularly known as Our Lady of Dance). Its altar bears work by notable triptych painter, Nikola Bozidarevic.


Sailors have an unbreakable connection with Our Lady of the Dance. Whenever they go near this beautiful bay they sound their ship sirens and the nuns salute them by ringing bells and praying for them and calm seas. This unique tradition is more than 300 years old and continues to this day.

  • Type Rocky, concrete
  • Facilities Caffe-bar, shower, WC
  • Specials Waterpolo, cliff jumping, soccer

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