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Sikirica Dubrovnik

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The island or peninsula of Sikirica is in Brsecine, near Dubrovnik, twenty kilometres west of Dubrovnik. When the seagoes out, you can reachSikirica without getting wet feet, but even when the tide comes the part covered by the sea is not deep, so it's no problem to walk to the island.


On the road leading to the Sikirica there is parking for fifteen cars, from where a path downhill takes you towards the beach. On the land side of Sikirica are sandy beaches hidden from view, for this reason this place is considered one of the most romantic places in Dubrovnik. Sikirica itself is a rocky beach with a few pine trees that create shade, meaning you can come here during peak sunshine. There's never too many people, and there are no additional facilities. It's truly untouched wilderness in which you will feel as good as new. If the wind is blowing or there are strong waves, you can always switch to the other side which is sheltered. A special experience is the view of the sunset behind the island.


Not far from the beach is the Trsteno Arboretum, so your visit can be combined with a trip to this unique place with a rich fauna.

  • Type Rocky, pebble
  • Facilities
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