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Banje is the most famous of Dubrovnik's beaches. It's located just two minutes' walk from the Old City and offers stunning views of the city's walls as well as the island of Lokrum.


At Banje it's quite possible that you will spot famous people from Croatia and the rest of the world. In an interview,Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson admitted that he found himself in an embarassing situation when he visited Banje beach. Trying to flirt with a local girl while at the beach, Woody didn't realise she had a boyfriend. When the boyfriend arrived with his friends, Woody found himself in a difficult situation which he himself described as a choice between life and death. Luckily for him, he was recognised by someone and the two made friends.


Even when the sun sets, the beach is buzzing thanks to the nightlife and night time bathers there. Banje frequently finds itself on lists of the top beaches in the world.


For those who don't like crowds it's best to avoid this beach in July and August, or at least visit in the early morning.


  • Type Sandy-pebble
  • Facilities Shower, WC, restaurant, beach umbrellas, deck chairs
  • Specials Jet-ski, massages, rent a boat, night club

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