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Betina špilja

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Betina špilja is a pebbly beach located in the cave between Villa Sheherezada and Gjivojici beach. The beach got its name from the Dubrovnik academic Marin Getaldic's nickname Bete. Getaldic carried out various optical experiments and research in the cave.


You can reach the beach by sea only. As the beach is southeast facing, theer is no sun in the afternoon so it's cooler there than in a room with air conditioning.


The nearest beach to swim there from is Gjivovići, you can also make your way there by canoe on an organised tour. As you can only reach this beach by sea there are never many bathers. Absolute peace and silence, you feel like you're disconnected from the world. It's for exactly that reason that celebrated Croatian tennis palyer and Wimbledon champion, Goran Ivanišević visited the Betina beach with his family when in Dubrovnik.


Pidgeons nest in this cave so you've never seen a baby one, this is the perefct place to spot one.  

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