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Medicinal herbs and plants

Recently, in Dubrovnik and the whole of Croatia, awareness of the importance of organic farming has grown. Many different fairs held around Croatia to raise awareness of organic production and consumption has increased.


Luckily Dalmatia and Dubrovnik still have many eco products whether it's fruit and vegetables or medicinal herbs and plants that grow wildly all along the coast.


Dalmatian herbs are used in a variety of methods - drunk as tea, consumed orally or placed on the skin. Whichever method you choose, one thing is certain - you'll be doing better by your body. So as a souvenir from Dubrovnik , you might prefer to buy a medicinal herb based product.


Here are some of the most available medicinal plants that grow and are used in Croatia




Nettle is consumed as a tea. It cleanses the organsim, improves the bloodstream and more besides.




Thyme includes vitamins A,B,C and D as wella s magnesium, phosphorous, potassiuma nd zinc.




Also consumed as a tea. It has a wide range of healing properties, from beauty to serious problems.


Common lady's mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris)


Contains plenty of vitamin C and acts anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.




This plant is most often used for dental care and weight loss.




Elderberry contains a host of vitamins and is used for healing jaundice, women's health problems, flu and digestive problems.





This plant of purple flowers has been used for centuries to calm mood as well as the expnasion of spirituality. It's great for using against depression and anxiety.




Aids with pain and high temperatures. It was recently found to work well against Alzheimer's.




Basil is used as a seasoning in food and has strong antioxidant properties.




Rosemary is also used as seasoning in food and is great for stomach and head aches.


Ramsons (Bear's Garlic)


Ramsons grows wild and gets its other name because bears use it when they come out of hibernation to cleanse their organisms. It has a strong scent of garlic and is in fact more powerful than it.


Lemon balm


This plant works on insomnia, stress depression and anxiety.


Ricinus (castor oil)


Ricinus is the most poisonous plant on earth but its oil is medicinal. Its best known for its use to treat constipation.


Strawberry Tree


On the island of Korčula grows this miraculous plant which is used as an antioxidant. It is interesting that during maturation it contains alcohol.

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