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Story about Danče beach Dubrovnik

/ 13 Sep, 2016 /

Even if I start contemplating about another beach, an invisible force will drag me back to Danče. The moment when the beach sucks you in, and you stop considering any other, you became Danchist. Unlike the other initiations, there is nothing hard or complicated about it. Just pure beauty of this place with unbelievable feng shui created by Buda himself. 

When you walk down Gradac park, after one of those horrible days at work or after a fight with your love one, rocks swoop into the sea crushing the stress and bad energy with it. 

I'm not particularly fund of everyday life, repeating things over and over again, day after day. For some unexplained physical force, that rule doesn’t apply to Danče. I could repeat the same ritual 356 days a year: come to the beach, leave the towel on the same spot, light the cigarette before going in, always from the same rock. 

Throw the ball in water polo goal, same way I did million times before, swim across the cove. Go out, play a game of futsal and get blisters. As much as routine make me anxious, this one calms me with unexplainable doze of serenity. 

Here, everyone comes for the same reason – to danche. A made-up verb that reflects to be right now, without problems, past or future. Everyone danche – doctors, lawers, drinkers, gluttons, journalists, garbage man, waiters, chefs. 

Once the uniforms are off, in bathing suits, we are all the same. There is no more greed, ambition, competition. You can drink and eat even without the money, because someone will offer to buy it for you. Unlike other corners of the town, the most important rule here is “I can only be well, if you are.” There is no age, too. 

Legends from edge of science assure that when Danchist dies, his spirit will not say goodbye to the family but to favourite Danče beach. If he loved futsal, he will most likely make fun with the players: move the goalpost, redirect the ball, spill the booze.

When I die, I’ll do the same. When they ask me to stop, I’ll obey, leave towards the final destination thinking how I was so lucky to spent big part of it on Danče beach. The place where social dogmas don’t exist, money is worthless, there is no fear. With daily practicing of danchism you can reach enlightment. 

How come so few Buddhists come to Danče?


Maro Marušić/Dubrovnik daily

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