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Dubrovnik off-season

For all of you who are not fans of crowds, beaches and high temperatures, we'll try to show you what you can do in Dubrovnik off-season. The real tourist season lasts from Easter until October.


October is a great month to visit Dubrovnik. The sea is still quite warm – around 20 degrees – and the heat is not so immense. That doesn't mean you can't go swimming, even get a tan. It can rain in October, but never for too long. If you do end up with a lousy day, you can enjoy Dubrovnik cuisine. The restaurants are not packed with people so you can choose where and what to eat. Also, you can go to an excursion in the surrounding area, do various sports or go rock climbing.


November has more rain then October but it's still generally warm. Some people still swim in the sea and nobody turns on the heating just yet. If it's raining while you're in Dubrovnik, don't despair. Get to know the rich culture and the history of the city. November is ideal for walking around Dubrovnik and taking artistic photographs especially if the strong southern wind is blowing.


In times like that, everything goes silent, so it seems, and you too can turn to yourself through meditation and relaxation. Spa and wellness centres and their employees will surely help you with that and will assist your every need. Work the machines, go to the sauna or swim in the pool. Drink an aromatic tea and turn to yourself.


Prices of dentists and other healthcare are much lower in Dubrovnik than in Western Europe. So why not enjoy and do something useful? While you're on vacation, you can take care of your health for a price much lower than you'd usually pay.


December is the holiday season. If you happen to be in Dubrovnik in December you can enjoy the holiday program. Tents are pitched on Stradun where you can order food and enjoy some cooked wine. There are also everyday concerts and other musical attractions on Stradun. Revelin club also organizes a rich program. Enjoy the Christmas cuisine, especially codfish made in thousands of different ways.


January in Dubrovnik forces the locals into their homes and leaves the beautiful streets to your exploration. It's a great time of year when you can combine skiing on nearby locations and discovering Dubrovnik without the hassle of thousands of tourists. The nearest ski resorts are in Montenegro, only a two-hour-drive away from Dubrovnik. Ski resorts in the neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina are not far either. The olympic city of Sarajevo and its renown ski resorts are but a four-hour-drive away.


Preparations for the feast of St. Blaise, the patron saint of the city, take place at the end of January. The feast is on February 3 with a rich program and a religious procession. Get to know a tradition that's over a thousand years old. Relics of St. Blaise take part in the procession. The Long Night of Museums takes place around that time, in which Dubrovnik museums open their doors free of charge and offer a rich program.


Just after the patron saint's feast starts the rich carnival period. It lasts several weeks and especially interesting are the carnival from Župa Dubrovačka and the one on the island of Lastovo. Both young and old put on masks to forget about their everday troubles.


In March, days are considerably longer and the weather is improving. The Sun lures the locals to the terraces of cafe bars and to hike in the nature. It's time to pick the asparagus, a tasty delicacy that grows in the wild.


In April the days are nicer, there are more tourists and many locals start their swimming season. It's Easter time – Easter eggs are painted, delicacies are tasted...The flowers are in bloom, there's so much scent in the air, the days are once again long...

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