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Arriving by bus

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Dubrovnik is well connected with other Croatian cities every day, especially with Zagreb.


There are also connections with cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina almost every day (Sarajevo, Međugorje, Mostar, Zenica, Trebinje), Montenegro (Podgorica, Herceg Novi, Kotor, Ulcinj, Budva), Italy (Trieste), Germany (Frankfurt) and Macedonia (Skopje).


Croatia has daily bus connections to Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Sweden, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.


Some lines are added in the summer months, so up to date information can be found on Bus Terminal Dubrovnik’s webpage. The same applies to other Croatian bus stations.


This way of traveling to Dubrovnik is the cheapest, and you can spend a few days in some other cities as well. Some bus lines take the highway, and some take the regular roads, so ask in advance for your particular bus operator’s route, depending on your preferences on the length of travel.


Dubrovnik Bus Terminal (phone number 060 305 070) is the only one in Dubrovnik that offers a possibility to leave the luggage in the luggage depository. The station is located in the port of Gruž and is well connected with public transport to all parts of the city. There is also a taxi station and a shopping mall along with other services such as ATMs, which operate 24 hours.

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