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Arriving by plane

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Dubrovnik airport is twenty kilometers away from the city center and it takes less than half an hour to get there.


From the airport you can take the cheaper bus transport to the city or the more expensive taxi ride. Every regular flight has an organized bus transport to Dubrovnik upon arrival and as for going to the airport, buses for flights operated by Croatia Airlines and Austrian Airlines depart an hour and a half prior to take-off while the ones for other operators depart two hours prior to take-off from the bus terminal. The bus ticket will cost you 35 kunas (5 euros) while a taxi ride will cost between 230 and 250 kunas depending on which part of the city you're going to.


Check-in for domestic flights is required no later than half an hour prior to take-off while check-in for international flights is required no later than one hour before departure. It's possible to check-in online as well.


You can also rent a car at the airport, exchange money or use the ATMs. Dubrovnik airport also has a rather unusual attraction – Đurović cave which extends underneath the landing strip. It's possible to visit it.


Occasionally, mostly in the winter months, it can happen that the plane cannot land due to strong northern wind. In such case the plane lands in Split and then the passengers continue their journey to Dubrovnik with an organized coach. The distance between the two cities is just over 200 kilometers. Luckily, it is a rare occurrence, so this kind of scenario is rather scarce.

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