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St. Saviour's Church

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The Church of St.Saviour was built in 1520 when a huge earthquake hit Dubrovnik that killed 20 people and many building sere destroyed. The city walls swayed and locals thought that Srd hill would topple onto the city itself. Out of fear, the peopel decided to build this church, hoping to protect themselves from natural disasters. It's interesting that at the time not only were earthquakes common occurrence but plague outbreaks which wreaked havoc on locals.


A century and a half later, 1667 to be precise, Dubrovnik was hit by a great earthquake, much larger than the one in 1520, which killed half of the population. The Church of St.Saviour didn't avert the catastrophe but it was one of the few buildings not be affected by the quake. It has never been directly hit during any conflict. 

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