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Dubrovnik tourist information

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Dubrovnik tourist information


Most of the cruise ships dock in the port of Gruž (see map), and the passengers want to get to the old town. How? There are several ways.


First, there's taxis. Follow this link to see the information on taxi service in Dubrovnik.


Next comes public transport. Bus lines 1, 1A, 1B and 3 go from the port to the old town. They are quite frequent so you won't have to wait for long for the bus to arrive. The bus station is just next to the berth.


You can also walk from the port to the old town. It will take you half an hour and during that time you can get to know Dubrovnik. You'll see a green market with local produces and fresh fish, old renaissance summer houses, the business center of Dubrovnik...


Along the way you can stop to buy a small souvenir. To buy anything, you will first have to exchange your money to Kuna, the Croatian currency. Not many places will accept euros or dollars. It would be best if you exchanged your money before getting to the old town because the exchange offices there tend to be very crowded, so you will lose precious sightseeing time.


Most of the locals speak good English so communicating shouldn't be a problem. For sightseeing you can hire a tour guide who will show you around and tell you loads of interesting things about this special city in a short time.


The water on the fountains as well as tap water is safe to drink and you can drink it without any concern.


If they don't give you a bill at restaurants or other places, you're not required to pay.




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