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Medjugorje is one of the most famous places of Roman Catholic pilgrimage in the world and is just over 100km from Dubrovnik. It became famous because of the alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1981. Our Lady appeared initially to children and since then, they have received messages almost every day. The seers are still alive and communicate with the faithful, transmitting the Virgin Mary’s messages.


Overall, six of the seers have so far recorded a total of over 40,000 apparitions, Medjugorje phenomenon which makes it by far the number one in the world compared to similar Christian phenomena such as Lourdes’ 18 apparitions or the 6 in Fatima. Many people do not believe that Our Lady truly appeared, but believe that the children made up the story because of the financial benefits to them, as well as the entire city.


Whatever the truth is, religious tourism has been developing in Medjugorje since 1981, with numbers reaching a million visitors annually. The most famous church is that of Saint Jacob (Sveti Jakov) who is the patron saint of pilgrims.


If you are visiting Medjugorje independently and not part of an organised day trip, then we recommend visiting the Kravica waterfall. Located just 10km from Medjugorje and close to a place called Studenca. The waterfall is 120 metres in width and 28 metres in height. Not far from Kravica is another waterfall worth a visit at Koćuša.


Another interesting fact from Medjugorje is that US Open champion Marin Čilić hails from the town.


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