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Parking in Dubrovnik

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Problems with a parking in Dubrovnik


During high season streets in Dubrovnik tend to be very busy, almost chaotic, so we don't recommend you use the car that much.


The public car park is just a ten minute walk away from the old town (see map) and it can hold 711 cars. The walk from the public car park to the old town is clearly marked so you cannot go the wrong way.


If you're lucky, you can park your car even closer to the old town, but it's difficult to find an open spot in the summer months. The city parking areas are divided into three zones, all clearly marked with large signs. Parking tickets can be bought at newsstands, from the machine or via mobile. You have to leave the parking ticket on a visible spot below the windshield unless you bought it over the phone. You have to put exact change in the parking machine because it won't give you back the money.


When paying via mobile you have to send a text message with your car's license plate number (without spaces) to the number of the corresponding parking zone. The number you have to send the text to is displayed on the parking signs. You'll get a confirmation message and it's valid for one hour. You cannot pay for more than one hour via mobile, so if you'll be staying for longer you'll have to send the text message again. Parking fines are a daily ticket's worth. The fines vary depending on the parking zone as well as time of the year.


Parking in Gruž harbor is among the cheapest and it's suitable if you choose a full day excursion to the islands because the ferry leaves not far from the parking lot.


In the vicinity of the old town there's also an option to park in the garage of the hotel Hilton Imperial, but since this is a five star hotel, parking prices are more expensive there than the ones in the public car park. 


Because Dubrovnik isn't big and it's often very busy on the streets, maybe it would be best to park your car (there are places in Dubrovnik where you don't have to pay) and continue on foot or take a taxi or a public bus.


Gas stations in the center of Dubrovnik don't work at night. During the season they're open till midnight and off season till 10 pm. However, you can fuel your car in Komolac or Kupari as the gas stations there work 24-7. Those are five kilometers away from Dubrovnik.


Public car park


Tel: 00385 20 312 720

e-mail: operater@ragusaparking.hr

Working hours: 24-7

Address: Zagrebačka street



Parking in Gruž harbor


Tel: 00385 20 313 511

e-mail: luka-dubrovnik@du.t-com.hr

Working hours: 24-7

Address: Obala pape Ivana Pavla II 1



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