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Dubrovnik sex and prostitution

Dubrovnik sex gay in The Middle Ages


Dubrovnik Republic had no mercy towards homosexuals, and such was the case at that time throughout Europe. In Dubrovnik Statute from 1272 there is no mention of homosexuals, but only of the crimes of rape, pedophilia and other similar acts, however, the term sodomy began to be mentioned in the Yellow Book (Liber croceus) in 1474, which is complementary to the Statute.


Sodomy includes offenses of homosexuality and pedophilia, those that were considered to be among the biggest problems in that time and that should be eradicated so the city „wouldn’t be a sanctuary for the devil, but for God.“


Therefore, homosexuals were punished by decapitation, and then by burning at the stake. The execution was carried out in the presence of the Rector. Venice also had very strict laws like the ones in Dubrovnik, only Florence was a bit milder in punishing homosexuals. Authorities in Florence, if they caught homosexuals in a sexual act, would for the first four times punish them with a fine and ejection from public affairs, and only the fifth time would they execute them.


It is interesting that the Church in Dubrovnik had nothing to do with the adoption of this law, because the people of Dubrovnik from the earliest days forbade the bishops to interfere in public life. It is assumed that these strict laws on punishing homosexuals were adopted because of the constant threat of plague and the constant decline in the number of nobility.

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