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Kolocep island

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Kolocep island (or Kalamota) is the closest inhabited island to Dubrovnik as well as the most southerly inhabited island in Croatia. The boat journey from Gruz harbour takes just half an hour (view the timetable here) to Kolocep. The island is an oasis of calm, especially beacuse there is hardly any road traffic on it.


You can enjoy gastronomic delights when on the island, as well as swimming in its waters and walking theough its woods filled with olive, palm and wild orange trees. You can also hire canoes, bikes and sailing boats or go diving if underwtaer exploration is your thing... If you want to escape the daily grind of city life then this island is made for you.


The two inhabited areas of the island – Gornje i Donje Čelo, are both located in bays with sandy beaches. The island also has a hotel.


Two members of Christopher Colombus' crew that discovered America were from Kolocep. 

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