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Sipan island

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The boat from Dubrovnik to Sipan island, the largest of the Elaphite islands, lasts a little over an hour (for timetables see here). The island is, like the other Elaphite islands of Kolocep and Lopud, peaceful and quiet, but do not be surprised if you spot someone famous while there. Visitors to Sipan include Princess Caroline of Monaco, Belgian King Albert II and Francesca von Habsburg. Many of them were looking to buy one of the many summer residences on the island. There are 42 in total. The villa built by Vice Stjepović Skočibuha which has two towers to defend against pirates, is the most well known on the island. The Skočibuha villa stands out with its rarities. It’s the only one in the entire Mediterranean region with a preserved wooden balcony from the 16th century. In addition, it has an undamaged fireplace with extractor, which is the only such example in the entire Dubrovnik region.


Not only are there a lot of summer residences on Sipan, but many churches too – 34 in total. The Church of St. Stephen (crkva svetog Stjepana) is home to a picture of the Virgin and Child by the Venetian painter Panteleone from the 15th century. It’s also worth visiting the Church of the Holy Spirit.


The island was once home to some 7,000 residents. Today number is much smaller at around 450, but the people still take care of the olive trees that made this island famous. It’s precisely because of these plants that Sipan entered the Guinness Book of Records as the island with the largest number of olive trees relative to its size. For that reason alone, you definitely have to taste the local cuisine seasoned with olive oil and local wine.


There are two major settlements on the island: Sipanska luka and Suđurađ. The two are connected by a road about 5 kilometres long that runs through the fertile Sipan field. The island teeming with beautiful beaches, the sea is clean, the food is great, especially seafood. All those who want a family holiday without the noise and bustle of night life can’t go wrong when choosing Sipan.


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