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House of Marin Držić

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The museum of the Renaissance writer Marin Držić is located in Široka ulica, right next to the Church of Domino. This was Držić's home while he was rector of said church. The museum is equipped with audio-viual guides that take you on a journey of his life.  


There's also a reprint of the conspiratorial letter that Držić sent to Tuscan Grand Duke Cosimo I de Medici and a reprint of the only book by Drzic to be published during his lifetime. The entire museum is completely computerised so you can choose the language and the publication that you want such as: Drzic in Italy, Drzic in Germany, Držić’s chronology, Držić at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Držić and Shakespeare or Držić the conspirator.


Among the exhibits in the museum is also the only existing handwritten document by Drzic, a creditor bill from the Dubrovnik Republic. This document demonstrates that the most frequently published Dubrovnik and Croatian writer struggled financially his entire life. 


Opening hours are from 9am to 20:30 pm, closed on Mondays.


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