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River of Dubrovnik

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Rijeka dubrovačka (River of Dubrovnik) is the area to the west of Dubrovnik from teh source of the River Ombla to the Franjo Tudman bridge. Ombla is one of the smallest rivers in the world. Its length from source to the start of brackish water (where salt and fresh water mix) is around 50 metres.


Old Dubrovnik citizens valued the natural  beauty of this canyon and as such its home to the greatest amount of summer residences – 24 in fact. Unfortunately many were devestated but some, such as the one in the ACI Marina, can be visited. The Gučetić-Đurđević summer residence is of great importance to the Dubrovnik Republic beacuse it was host to the final council of noblemen in 1814.


It was a time when Napoleon's France was weakened and they hoped to rebuild the Republic of Dubrovnik. However, the arrival of the Austrians put an end to that.


The Austrians used the arae for health tourism. The healing source of sulfuric mineral water was used for the treatment of rheumatism, skin conditions and chronic illnesses of the digestive symptoms. The spa resort offered sulfuric and mud baths as well as massages.


Today no spa remains, but you can enjoy walking through the marina and looking at the yachst and sailboats as wella s the ponds at the Sorkočević summer residence. You'll meet swans, ducks and other plants and animals that aren't typical of Dubrovnik. Here is also the breeding ground of many species of fish and at the source, live freshwater turtles. On a small island near the source lives the largest living insect of Croatian origin - the large Gorse.


Today the Rijeka Dubrovačka is protected, unfortunately too late, as the majority of teh area has been devestated by buildings. This is particularly true of Nova Mokošica – a concrete estate that does not blend in in this rare Mediterranean, beautiful, natural fjord.


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