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Sponza Palace

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Sponza Palace (or Divona) is a gothic-renaissance building that was built for the needs of the customs office by Paskoje Millicevic and the Andrijić brothers from the island of Korcula. It was built over a period of five years between 1516 and 1521 and in it goods from merchants who arrived in Dubrovnik from all over the world would be taxed.


On one arcade inside Sponza is a Latin inscription Fallere nostra venant et falli pondera; meque pondero cum merces ponderat ipse deus (We are forbidden to cheat and measure wrongly; and when I weigh goods, God weighs them with me). Also in Sponza was the mint, which operated until the fall of the Republic. Later it would be home to a bank, school and state treasury and treasury.


In the late 16th Century,  Sponza Palace became the cultural centre of the Republic and it remains so to this day when it hosts theatre performances during  the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It is interesting that the Sponza emerged from the great earthquake almost unscathed.


Today, the State Archive with a rich collection of the written word in the Republic of Dubrovnik is in the Sponza Palace. A good part of the archival material has not yet been investigated as it is, in terms of volume, one of the largest archives in Europe.


A memorial of Croatian soldiers killed in the last war is housed in the palace. 

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