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Summer Residences

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Whichever area of Dubrovnik you head to, you willmost likely find at least one summer residence – a complex of buildings that Dubrovnik nobility built in order to be able to enjoy nature and relax inpreparation for new business ventures.


Unfortunately, tody a good amount of the summer residences are in a neglected state but nonetheless give away secrets of a time long gone. The reasons for decay are varied. With the fall of the Republic, the nobility slowly began to die out. Some of them sold their summer houses, some had no descendants and some of the new owners didn't treat these pieces of cultural heritage with the respect they deserve. This was how an Austrian owner ended up turning the Sorgo residence into a cow farm after the fall of the Republic. Some of the residences are still under the ownership of the City of Dubrovnik who is still yet to put them back into use. Some are in private ownership, selling for huge amounts for money. As the renovation of a summer residence requires huge investments of time and money they can often take a long time to sell.


Any Dubrovnik summer residence could tell personal stories of successes and tragedy ...These villas were the Facebook of that time. Like-minded people would gather in the beautiful gardens where they talked about literature, paintings, politics, science, religion, philosophy and some even plotted. Ceremonies like weddings were often held at them too.


Today, they breathe that old, almost forgotten time. Experience them as you walk around the city and find yourselves noticing their interesting features. Summer homes were usually built in such a way that a wall would preserve privacy and you may not spot them at first glance. We recommend you visit the mansion in Trsteno which is located within the arboretum, summer residence Bona Caboga in the Batahovina area of Rijeka Dubrovacka, which was completely renovated and summer residence Sorkočević, located within the marina in Komolac (see map), which has three floors and a huge courtyard, the biggest of them all.

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