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Gradska kavana Dubrovnik

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Gradska Kavana is situated in the centre of the medieval city walls and was inspired by the sea and ships. From the place for sewing sails and shipyard (XII century) it has changed its purpose until the 1930s when town inhabitants decided to renovate the Gradska Kavana to one of the most beautiful places in town.

Today it is even more attractive with a mixture of history and tradition. As in old times it offers special atmosphere – festivity of Viennese Secession coffee-houses with Mediterranean atmosphere, depending where you are sitting – on the side facing Stradun or the other one facing the Old Port. It is a special place which belongs to Dubrovnik locals for reunions, cocktails, various sweets or for various parties like masquerade, champagne parties, ball, among other events.

It is a place where visitors are cordially welcomed to “walk” through passed centuries and enjoy in extraordinary flavors of majestic meals and beverages which preserved the flavor of Pomet’s delicacy. The secret is held in its well preserved nature from where its ingredients originated.

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