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Mljet island

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Mljet island is the most forested Croatian island and one of the most beautiful along with Vis and Lastovo. The island can be reached from either Dubrovnik or from Prapratno on the Peljesac peninsula (see timetable here).


The island is best known for its National Park which is home to a unique phenomenon -an island on an island.


Mljet is known as the island of Odysseus, because according to legend, the Greek hero visited the island. A cave named after him can be reached on foot, along a path that runs alongside vineyards. Interestingly, it is alleged that Odysseus, after his boat was shipwrecked on the rocks of the island Ogygia, spent seven years sad and nostalgic for his home and his Penelope staring at the open sea. The beautiful nymph Calypso, daughter of the sea god Poseidon lovingly stared at him, even sadder than he.


In addition to Odysseus, the island of Mljet is linked to another legend - a shipwrecked St. Paul. Until several years ago it was thought that St. Paul’s shipwreck happened on Malta, but the latest research show that it happened on the island of Mljet.


If you visit Mljet, definitely buy a kosic of Mljet, an authentic product of the island. It’s a round basket with a handle made ​​of young myrtle plants. For centuries, from generation to generation, the weaving technique for these baskets has been passed down. The kosice was an essential tool for carrying caught fish, vegetables and win. In addition to the Mljet Kosice, the Mljetska Vrsa fishing trap is also a well known product from Mljet. The technique used to make the trap is the same as that for a kosice.


The traditional embroidery from the island demonstrates the islanders’ skills with their hands. Mljet embroidery is done mainly with red thread with yellow and green also. It’s very similar to embroidery from Konavle where girls are home grow silk worms to produce thread.


On the island you can try local products, take part in sport and recreational activities, immerse yourself in nature, swim in incredibly beautiful coves such as Pomena, Polace and Saplunara and many other activities besides.


 You can find out more about Mljet by clicking on this link.


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