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Revelin was the first fort to be built outside of the Dubrovnik city walls. It got its name from the word rivelin which means, a building by the coast. The fort was constructed during the 16th Century according to the drawings of Italian engineer Anton Ferramolino of Bergamo.


The Dubrovnik Republic decided to build the fort in order to beeter protect the city from the threat of the Venetians. Revelin is the city's largest fortress, constructed with very thick walls which neither earthquakes or wars have been able to destroy. It has often been used as a vital shelter during its history.


Following the Great Earthquake and until the reconstruction of the city, the leaders of Dubrovnik worked from Revelin, where they transferred the state treasury as well as that of the cathedral, to prevent them from being looted. In the last war, local citizens took shelter in Revelin during the bombing of the old town.


Problems with the appearance of Revelin began with the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic. The Austrians left the fort in quite a mess from its original state. Inside the fortress they added mezzanine floors and used the space as a barracks. Around the fortress they dug a deep ditch and made a road that is still in use today.


In the 20th Century , part of the damage incurred by the Austrians was alteredand during archaeological excavations the furncae used by Ivan Rabljanin to make metal. Revelin tried to adapt to modern needs in the years that followed. Some of those adaptations were welcomed others were not allowed.


Today, Revelin is home to commercial enterprises such as a nightclub which plays host to some of the best electronic music acts in the world. 

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